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Epsilor and Galadari at IDEX 2021 in Abu Dhabi
Epsilor and Galadari at IDEX 2021 in Abu Dhabi
Epsilor Expands Global Reach by Appointing New Distributors in Australia, France, UAE and Singapore

By partnering with strong established companies, Epsilor will establish a local presence in fast-growing markets in the industrial and defense fields.

Beit Shemesh, Israel, February 24, 2021 – Epsilor, a globally recognized manufacturer of smart batteries and chargers, has expanded its international presence by appointing new distributors in the key markets of Australia, France, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Singapore.

“The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has illustrated the importance of having an on-the-ground presence in times when people are prevented from traveling abroad,” said Epsilor president Ronen Badichi. “Smart lithium batteries and chargers require a relatively high level of integration and synchronization with host systems and platforms. In the past, we used to travel to our customers to fine-tune battery performance, and although the COVID has different plans for us, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest standard of service."

“We have managed to recruit strong professional partners with proven sales and support and engineering expertise in our target markets: military, armored vehicles, marine, aviation, medical devices and other high-end industries,” Badichi added.

In the fast-growing Australian market, Epsilor has appointed eCastle as its local regional sales and customer support representative in the Australian and New Zealand defense markets.

eCastle provides, integrates and supports command and control, communications and intelligence systems (C4I), as well as deployable power and network solutions to defense and security markets.

French company PKTRONICS Group, a provider of electronics and IT solutions to the defense, aerospace, automotive, marine and industrial sectors, will act as Epsilor’s distributor in France and Belgium.

Epsilor and PKTRONICS Group

The Galadari Group, a highly diversified group of companies, which has been operating in the UAE in the automotive and heavy equipment fields for more than 50 years, will represent Epsilor in the UAE.

The Galadari Automotive Group, a subsidiary of the Galadari Group, has been looking for a reliable provider of lithium batteries for the defense and civil markets to meet the growing demand in the UAE for state-of-the-art equipment in the local armed forces, homeland security and the defense industry.

The two companies are presenting jointly at the International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX), which is taking place February 21–25, 2021 in Abu Dhabi.

In the lucrative Singaporean market, Epsilor has appointed Ocean Communications, a solutions provider serving the marine oil and gas, transportation, homeland security and defense industries, to be its representative.
Ocean Communicates has extensive experience in the rollout of a wide variety of technologies and implementations in the local defense and security markets.

About Epsilor
Epsilor is a globally recognized developer and manufacturer of custom and standard batteries, chargers and mobile power management systems. The company serves customers all over the world in the defense, aerospace and marine industries.
The company offers a wide variety of electro-chemistries, smart electronics and sophisticated battery management systems (BMS). Epsilor’s products have won several international awards for their innovation and smart operational approach. Epsilor is part of the US-based Arotech Corporation.

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Epsilor and Galadari at IDEX 2021, Abu Dhabi