Li-Ion Batteries for Armored Vehicles

6T NATO Battery

NATO Standard 6T Rechargeable Lithium Batteries

Epsilor’s product line of lithium rechargeable 6T batteries offers an advanced alternative to traditional lead-acid NATO batteries, while revolutionizing armored vehicle capabilities and logistics.

These “drop-in” replacement batteries triple the “silent watch” capabilities of newly designed as well as existing armored vehicles, while expanding the battery life cycle from hundreds of charging cycles to thousands of cycles.

This development dramatically changes the operational capabilities of armored vehicles and the way in which military organizations manage the inventories of their vehicle batteries.

Using Epsilor’s batteries eliminates the expensive and sensitive need to deploy battery inventories for armored vehicles as the new batteries are installed in the vehicle when manufactured and need to be replaced only at the vehicle’s mid-life upgrade.

Main Configurations
Epsilor’s 6T is currently offered in the following configuration:

  • ELI-52526B(datasheet):
    Li-Ion, 4,200 Wh (166Ah) battery: with superior electronic protection features and improved safety
  • ELP-24V2740Wh-6T (datasheet):
    LiFePO4 2,740Wh (108Ah)battery: with superior electronic protection features and improved safety

Main Features
Epsilor’s 6T batteries have the following features:
  • Best-in-class energy density in the Li-Ion configuration for extremely long silent watch
  • More than 3,000 charging cycles and up to a 10-year operational life in the LiFePO4 configuration
  • Drop-in replacement for lead-acid batteries
  • Self-balancing, self-charging and charge current management capability that support smooth operation of new vehicles as well as older generation vehicles
  • Serial and parallel connectivity with additional batteries supporting group operation

The new product line is fully exempt from US Department of State defense export regulations (ITAR), making it available to a wide range of international defense customers.

Special Configurations
Additionally, Epsilor offers special and customized configurations of its 6T batteries, such as fully sealed batteries for amphibious vehicles and batteries with charging current limitation/management that are specially fitted to vehicles that generate extremely high power rates.

  • Armored vehicles (new and upgraded)
  • Light military vehicles
  • Marine vessels
  • Observation posts
  • Shelter applications (back up, silent watch, storage)
  • Renewable energy/micro-grid systems

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